The Global Luxury Residential Real Estate Report 2015



  • The world’s ultra high net worth (UHNW*) population totals 211,275, and these individuals each own, on average, 2.7 properties.
  • US$2.9 trillion of the world’s UHNW wealth is held in owner-occupied residential real estate assets.
  • 79% of the world’s UHNW individuals own two or more properties and just over half of them own three or more residences.
  • UHNW individuals are increasing the number of properties they hold outside their home countries with the United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland being the three favorite locations.
  • Over 7% of the world’s UHNW population have made their wealth through the real estate industry, up from 5% in 2013.
  • The UHNW Residential Real Estate Index shows a 8% increase in the value of UHNW-owned residences globally in the past year.
  • The United States is the most popular country for foreign UHNW individuals looking to buy secondary residences.
  • New York is the city with the highest number of UHNW-owned residences in the world.
  • Monaco has the highest density of foreign-owned UHNW residences - 83%.
  • Female UHNW individuals value real estate assets more than their male counterparts, holding 16% of their net worth in such assets compared to less than 10% for men.
  • UHNW Chinese and Russian multiple homeowners are typically self-made and young – these two clusters are becoming increasingly important buyers of luxury residential real estate around the world.
  • Over 6% of the world’s UHNW population is made up of expatriates - those individuals who are currently based outside their home countries. These individuals are stimulating residential real estate demand in their home countries’ markets - for example, India’s non-resident population is increasing demand in Mumbai’s residential real estate market.